Our story

journey started with a married couple who loved coffee and believed that their dream would become true one day.

When the father died, their two sons continued this work which filled with love and development, and with the research, travel, a lot of experiences and encouragement of their mother for them, they managed to establish "Seelaz" one of the biggest names in the world of coffee now.

We are proudly

  • Roasted Coffee

    At Seelaz we have made a great effort to bring this coffee for you,
    So please take care of your coffee.

About Seelaz

Seelaz coffee is obtained from the finest Arabica beans in the world. we treat our coffee with very accuracy. Then it is roasted to perfection with the best roasting equipment, taking into consideration the chemical reactions and removing the compounds that influence the taste of the coffee .. Then we grind it very carefully as the grinding process if it is not taken into all its standards and control the temperature of the mills and choose the appropriate grinding degree for each type it will damage and we will lose its wonderful taste.